Campus Information - Shuttle bus



Information for NKNU Shuttle bus between two campuses


2022/8/10 updated


The timetable can be downloaded from the webpage of the General Affairs Office.



  1. 往返兩校區之公務交通車優先教職員工搭乘,有空位再開放予學生乘坐,教職員工上車時請務必出示服務證或乘車證,眷屬、訪客均比照繳交乘車費,於學生乘車處刷電子票證乘車。
  1. NKNU shuttle buses run between the two campuses. The shuttle will be given priority to faculty and staff, followed by students.


  1.  學生乘坐公務交通車應依規定一律刷電子票證乘車上車。
  1. When you get on NKNU shuttle,
    Faculty and staff: must show your employee's card to the driver.
    Students, visitors and family members: should pay the fare by swiping the public transport cards to board the shuttle at the student queue area.


  1. 上列交通車依交通法規规定不得有站立或無座位者搭乘之情形,搭載人數以車輛規定之乘載人數為限,不得超載。
  1. The above-mentioned vehicles are NOT allowed the situations with people standing or people without seats as per traffic laws and regulations. The available space on board cannot be overload with more passengers than the allowed number.


        4. 上表時刻逢週六、日暨國定假日不行駛。

  1. NKNU Shuttle will not operate on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.


        5. 乘車地點:

  1. NKNU Shuttle Bus location:

校區 Campus

地點 location

Heping Campus



Roundabout near the library

Yanchao Campus


學生 -高斯大樓前

In front of Gauss Building


        6. 依中央流行疫情指揮中心宣布「COVID-19(武漢肺炎)」個人防護措施規範仍須保持社交距離(室內1.5公尺、外1公尺)搭乘校車仍需配掛口罩。

  1. People should keep a distance from others of at least 1.5 meters in indoor environments and 1 meter in outdoor ones. Passengers will be urged to wear face masks while taking the NKNU shuttles.