Campus Information - Food & Restaurant


      WHERE TO EAT? 

2021/9/7 updated


On-Campus Canteens


There are two School canteens in He-ping campus, and three canteens in Yen-Chao Campus. Please see the canteens list below:

He-Ping Campus

1 .懷源餐廳   Huái yuán Canteen (at Yi Qing Dormitory)

2. 思源餐廳   Siyuán Canteen (at Lan Yuan Dormitory)

Yen-Chao Campus

1. 歸燕食巢   Swallow Canteen   

2. 燕窩A區   Swallow Nest- Area A

3. 燕窩B區   Swallow Nest- Area B

Service Hour : http://www.nknu.edu.tw/~student/live/canteen/servetime20170801.pdf

Campus Canteens : http://www.nknu.edu.tw/~student/live/canteen/photo/index.htm


Off-Campus Options


The campus is also surrounded by a variety of food choices, street foods, vegetarian foods, halal foods. The following are some options around He-ping campus:

1.  Around Kaohsiung Cultural Center : across from the main entrance our university

2.  Linquan Street : across from the main entrance our university

3.  Tongqing Road : walk out from the gate and turn right

4.  Liuhe Road : is 10 minutes away from school by walk.