Language Learning - Multilingual Salon

Multilingual Salon

In order to strengthen students' multi-language skills and to learn about the culture and customs of the exchange countries, our office hopes to invite foreign students from Indonesia/Vietnam/Malaysia/Japan and Korea to interact with students in a thematic dialogue format through multilingual salon activities, which will not only stimulate students' motivation to learn, but also enhance the quality of learning, and the effectiveness of learning will naturally be obvious, creating a win-win situation. Through the interactive discussion process of the 12 themes, students are motivated to actively participate in the spirit and attitude of active knowledge seeking and learning, and to organize and apply the knowledge they have learned in their learning, and to construct the ability to think independently. The students will also be able to organize and apply what they have learned to their learning, build independent thinking skills, and achieve the goal of interactive teaching and learning.

Students can sign up for thematic courses through the form during the event, and each course is limited to no more than four students. During the interactive process of active participation, students can not only enhance their personal learning effectiveness, but also brainstorm and develop their language skills in an hour, and at the same time, they can meet their peers through the event and practice to improve their language skills, and work together towards the learning goal of increasing global mobility.