International Admissions - International Degree Students - Insurance

♤ Student Group Insurance

The Group Foreign Students Health Insurance is highly suggested for all international students. This insurance program is offered for international students who are not yet eligible to join National Health Insurance(NHI). The fee is NTD500 per month.

See the insurance coverage


  • Documents to be submitted when applying for reimbursement:
  1. Application forms (download Here or contact Life- Guidance Division- 1st Floor, Office of Student Affairs)
  2. Original copy of Diagnosis Certificate in Chinese
  3. Payment Receipts (original or with Hospital/Clinic Stamps)
  4. Receipt of the Student Group Insurance
  5. Photocopy of Taiwan bank passbook
  6. NKNU Student ID card


*Reimbursement or payment have to be applied for within 1 year after the illness or injury happened.


The above information is for reference only. For details of the terms and conditions, please contact desk number (07)7172930 ext. 1235 in Office of Student Affairs.



♤ National Health Insurance(NHI)

According to National Health Insurance Act, the National Health Insurance 全民健保 (NHI) is mandatory for all international students who holding an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and have met the 6-month minimum residency requirement(6 months of continuous residence in Taiwan or with one trip abroad not exceeding 30 days when the actual residency period of 6 months is reached after the days abroad have been deducted)

The cost is NTD826 per month.


NHI details please visit: the National Health Insurance Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare.