International Admissions - Dual-Degree Students



A Dual Degree Program is to provide to international students from the partner universities who have signed the additional specific agreements on Dual Degree addressed such issues as: specific duties, schedules, budgets, academic credits from one another and any items necessary to efficiently accomplish the program.


Through the program, students have the chance to exchange language, academics, and culture, along with the international competitiveness that the local and global studies bring.


Upon satisfying all the graduation requirements of NKNU as well as the corresponding university, the students will be able to obtain a degree from each of both universities.


For school regulations please refer to 國立高雄師範大學與境外大學跨校雙聯學制實施辦法 (in Chinese).




Applicants should contact the home institution for the information of eligibility.


 Application procedure

Applicants should contact the home institution for dual degree program application .


 Application Documents

  1. Application form 
  2. One official copy of applicant's current Certificate of Enrollment
  3. One official copy of applicant's current Transcript (in English) with full academic records
  4. One letter of recommendation
  5. A copy of the applicant’s passport
  6. Authorization for Emergency Treatment (Guardian’s Signature needed)
  7. Study Plan and Motivation letter with personal statement
  8. English Proficiency Test Certificate
  9. Chinese Proficiency Test Certificate (optional)
  10. other Supporting Documents (optional)

 *Please note, the application documents once submitted will not be returned for any reasons.


 Application deadline

Fall Semester: May 15     

Spring semester: November 15


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    Semester Period :

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     Spring Semester :   February ~ June

     Winter Break :         January ~ February 
     Summer Vacation : July ~ August