International Admissions - International Exchange

♤ Aim

International Exchange Program for Exchange Students at National Kaohsiung Normal University provides students from our partner with opportunities to study various subjects at our university for a semester or two. The exchange students are expected not only to study those subjects but also to develop their capabilities to contribute to the globalizing world in studying and living in different social settings.


♤ Eligibility

  1. The applicant should not be of Taiwan nationality.
  2. The applicant is registered as a full time regular student as an undergraduate or a graduate (MA or PhD) at one of the universities that has a student exchange agreement with National Kaohsiung Normal University. In addition, applicants must maintain their regular student status at their home university throughout the period they are enrolled at National Kaohsiung Normal University.
  3. The applicant has a good academic standing and good personal records at their home university.
  4. The applicant has good Chinese or English proficiency to understand courses and instructions.
  5. The applicant is physically and mentally in good health and is expected to complete the program successfully.


♤ Application procedure

  1. Applicants should contact the home institution for exchange program application.
  2. Application required documents must be submitted by the office in charge of student exchange at partner universities to National Kaohsiung Normal University by email during the application submission period specified as follows.
  3. NKNU will review the documents and assess the application.

*Please note, the application documents once submitted will not be returned for any reasons.


♤ Application Documents

  1. Application form 
  2. One official copy of applicant's current Certificate of Enrollment
  3. One official copy of applicant's current Transcript(in English) with full academic records
  4. One letter of recommendation
  5. A copy of the applicant’s passport
  6. Authorization for Emergency Treatment (Guardian’s Signature needed)
  7. Motivation letter with personal statement (Study Plan)


♤ Application deadline

Fall Semester: May 15     

Spring semester: November 15


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    Semester Period :

     Fall Semester :        September ~ January
     Spring Semester :   February ~ June

     Winter Break :         January ~ February 
     Summer Vacation : July ~ August

    *Students can arrive in Taiwan in September for Fall semester, in February for Spring semester.