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(Fwd)韓國慶北大學線上冬季學校(兩週)- 2023/1 /9至 1/20 [Kyungpook National University] KNU Online Winter School

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韓國慶北大學線上冬季學校(兩週)- 2023/1 /9至 1/20 

[Kyungpook National University] KNU Online Winter School 


※  欲參加者(限本校大學部在學學生)請於2022120123:59前,回傳以英文填寫的附檔  Nomination for 2022 KNU Online Summer School” 國際處(oia_exchange@mail.nknu.edu.tw),由國際處統一報名。

※  收到國際處通知後,請於2022  12  08日前依照主辦學校提供之資訊含繳費方式付款並完成線上申請,並寄送付款收據清晰掃描檔至 http://en.knu.ac.kr 並副本國際處(oia_exchange@mail.nknu.edu.tw)

※  費用: 美金 100元 (姊妹校大學) 


The KNU Online Winter School is from January 9 to 20 (2 weeks). It brings together students and academics for a unique intercultural experience through lectures on global and Korean issues as well as the Korean language and culture. All courses are taught either in English or Korean, and you will take courses with other participants from all over the world.

Program Overview

  • Eligibility: A student who is currently enrolled in university/college and pursuing a bachelor’s degree
  • Duration:  January 9 – 20 (2 weeks, 3 credits)


Korean Language (Pick 1)

Cultural Experience

§ Korean Language 1 (Basic)

§ Korean Language 2 (Intermediate)



§ Hanbok Try-out

§ K-pop

§ K-Drama, Movie

§ Korean Food

§ Taekwondo

§ City-tour

§ Campus Life in Korea


 Application Process

  • Students from partner universities must be nominated by their home universities via  knusummer@knu.ac.krbefore submitting the online application - Students from non-partner universities must send 'name/home university name/nationality' directly to knusummer@knu.ac.kr
  • Complete the online application by December 11, 2022

Complete the payment and send a copy of the program fee payment receipt to knusummer@knu.ac.kr by December 11,2022