2022 Resume Writing and Interview Skills Lectures for Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students

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2022 僑外生就業履歷及面試技巧講 座 

2022 Resume Writing and Interview Skills Lectures for Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students
教育部為協助來臺就學的僑外生畢業後順利留臺工作、瞭解僑外生留臺工作評點 制的最新規定及注意事項,提高錄取理想職缺機會,特別邀請勞動部及經濟部, 分別就留臺工作法規與攬才服務資訊進行說明,並有專業講師教授求職常見問 題,以及準備履歷、面試時需注意的細節與技巧。此外,也安排在臺工作之僑外 校友分享求職就業經驗,期能協助僑外生更快地適應臺灣的就業環境,歡迎在臺 僑外生踴躍參加。
In order to assist overseas Chinese and foreign students in staying and working in Taiwan after graduation, understanding the New Scoring Criteria for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in Taiwan, and inhancing chances of being accepted for ideal jobs, the Ministry of Education (MOE) invites the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Economic Affairs to explain the working regulations and other related information on recruitment in Taiwan. Besides, a series of career professional lecturers on resume writing and job interview skills are presented as well. Taiwan alumni also attend the event and share their working experiences in Taiwan. Overseas Chinese and foreign students who are interested in learning more about Taiwan’s work environment are welcome to join the event.
活動日程及地點 Schedule and Location
場次 Location:高雄  Kaohsiung
日期 Date:11 月 4 日 星期五 Friday
間 Time:13:00-16:00
地點 Convention:國立高雄師範大學(和平校區)行政大樓 10 樓國際會議廳
                           National Kaohsiung Normal University - (Heping Campus)  10F,International 
                           Conference Room Administration Building
 高雄場 2022 年 11 月 2 日截止 
RegistrationDeadline:  Kaohsiung 2nd November
網路報名 報名網址:https://forms.gle/K7XQVrta77pwsmU69
Registration: Please register through the link:https://forms.gle/K7XQVrta77pwsmU69
本講座完全免費。填寫完問卷者,出示問卷完成畫面給工作人員即可領取小 禮物;若報名上有任何問題請聯繫 SIT 人才資料庫計畫辦公室。
The lecture is free of charge. After filling out the questionnaire, please show the screenshot of the completed questionnaire to the staff to receive a free gift. If you have any questions, please contact Taiwan Alumni Database office.
聯絡資訊 Contact:
歐亭岑小姐 Ou Ting 02-22368225 #84216 outing@mail.shu.edu.tw
1. 入場請配合測量體溫,超過攝氏 37.5 度將婉拒入場。 
We need to take your temperature before entering and it should not be higher than 37.5℃ . 
Please wear a mask at all times, except when drinking water. 
For your health’s sake, please wash your hands frequently and alcohol disinfectant spray are available at the venue.
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