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Overseas Compatriot Students Studying in Taiwan Group:
Contestants shall be overseas compatriot students (including Hong Kong and Macau students but excluding Mainland Chinese students and foreign students) studying in Taiwan (including those who graduate in 2022).
The online preliminary round is on an individual basis; online semi-final and Grand Final can be on group basis: Contestants can form a group (including voice and accompaniment) and the members should be the eligible overseas compatriot students, but each person is limited to register in one group.
Professional singers who are contracted to a record company are not allowed to participate. The Grand winners from previous years are not ineligible to participate in the upcoming 3 years.
Contest Description
Overseas Compatriot Students Studying in Taiwan Group:
  • Online preliminary round: An interested student should sign up at the event website. Contestants shall record a song from the designated music list and it will be adjudicated by professional AI scoring system. Top 100 contestants will be shortlisted to the next round.
  • Online semi-final: The 100 shortlisted contestants shall choose a song from the designated music list and record a performance video in one continuous shot. Adaptation and creativity are encouraged. Audio post-production is strictly prohibited. The performance video shall be uploaded to the event website. OCAC will invite professional judges to shortlist 15 finalists to Grand Final. OCAC staff will confirm the eligibility of contestants. OCAC may include an extra quota for Hokkien and Hakka song contestants in Grand Final but subject to OCAC’s decision.
  • Grand Final: Finalists shall perform ONE designated song (must different from the semi-final) live. Adaptation and creativity are accepted.
  • Rules
    Song selection:
    Contestants shall select ONE song in each round. However, the song performed in the Grand Final shall different to semi-final.
    Designated songs:
    35 songs in total,including 15 in Mandarin, 10 in Hokkien, and 10 in Hakka.
    Music arrangement and accompaniment:
    • Online preliminary round: Contestants must sing accordingly to the original song arrangement for AI scoring. Instrument accompaniment is not required in this round.
    • Online semi-final and Grand Final: Contestants are allowed to do adaptation, and/or add vocal and music instrument accompaniments.
    Good faith principle:
    Entries must comply with the competition rules. Stand-in and lip-sync are strictly prohibited. The video should be recorded in one continuous shot and it is not allowed to edit by any audio post-production software. Any violation of the above rules may result in disqualification.
    Scoring standard:
    • Interval: The pitch, the closer to the standard pitch, the higher the score.
    • Long tone: The stability of the tone. The longer the pitch is maintained at the standard pitch, the higher the score.
    • Rhythm: The beats. The closer the sound starting point to the standard starting point, the higher the score.
    • Circumflex: The emotional score expressed by the volume. The greater the volume change, the higher the score.
    • Skills: bonus points are added by the number of singing skills. The more glide and vibrato, the higher the score (with limits on number of additional points times for each song).
    • Air sound: If the number of air sounds in the recording file is less than five times, it will be considered as an instrument performance and judged as failed with 0 points.
    If the contestants have the same total score, the ranking will be based on the score of interval, rhythm, long note, technique and inflection.
    Overseas Compatriot Students Studying in Taiwan Group:
    • 1st prize winner TWD $100,000
    • 2nd prize winner TWD $60,000
    • 3rd prize winner TWD $30,000
    • 3 merit awards TWD $10,000/prize
    • “Best Hokkien Song Singer” award USD $30,000
    • “Best Hakka Song Singer” award USD $$30,000
    • Every winner will be awarded a trophy and a certificate.

    All designated songs selected by contestants will be included in Top 3 and merit awards scoring. Contestants who sing Hokkien and Hakka songs will additionally be shortlisted for “Best Hokkien Song Singer” and “Best Hakka Song Singer” award. If no one chooses Hokkien and Hakka songs in the Grand Final, the award will be left vacant. The 1st place winner shall perform in the National Day Gala. If the winner is unable to attend, the award, prize money and National Day Gala performance opportunity will pass to the next runner-up. The original winner shall receive the next award and corresponding prize.


    Overseas Compatriot Students Studying in Taiwan Group:
    OCAC will provide return tickets of High-Speed Rail and accommodation fee for the rehearsal day (only for contestants who live farther than Hsinchu County). OCAC will reimburse the expenses based on valid receipts only.

    Winners who are going to perform at the National Day Gala will be offered TWD $25,000 max for the apparel fee, grooming fee and accommodation fee, etc. OCAC will reimburse the expenses based on valid receipts only.



    Overseas Compatriot Students Studying in Taiwan and Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning Groups:
    • Online preliminary round: Estimated from June 27th to July 31st.
    • Online semi-final round: Upload video from August 5th to 21st to the event website. After review by professional judges the shortlisted 15 Overseas Compatriot Students Studying in Taiwan and 5 Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning Grand Finalists will be announced by August 31st.
    • Grand Final: September 17th
    • More information is available below:
    • 111年歌唱大賽 (singocac.tw)


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