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(Fwd)Niigata University Summer Program 2022 Call for Applications

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[Niigata University Summer Program 2022] Call for Applications

Niigata University (NU) offers the Summer Program 2022. The program is designed for students from our partner universities who will learn remotely from their home country with NU students. It provides students with opportunities to study not only Japanese language and culture but also develop their capabilities to study in Japan, and contribute to the globalizing world in different social settings in the future.

The program offers two separate courses designed for international students and NU students for the first four days. On the final day of the program, all students participate in discussion together, and interact with each other through collaborative online international learning (COIL).


◆Date: August 22 to August 25


An applicant must meet all of the following requirements.

(1) The applicant is enrolled as a degree-seeking student during the period of the program in NKNU.

(2) The applicant has basic (minimum JLPT-N4) or intermediate (minimum JLPT-N3) level of Japanese language proficiency.

(3) The applicant has sufficient English language proficiency.

(4) The applicant is expected to attend all the scheduled classes to complete the program successfully.


◆Program Tuition: Free of charge.

◆How to apply for the program:

  • STEP1: Students must submit “Certificate of Enrollment” and “letter of recommendation” to oia_exchange@mail.nknu.edu.tw by June 20, 2022 .Attached please find the letter of recommendation and use it for your submission.
  • STEP2: Applicants who wish to participate in the program must fill in the necessary information by accessing the following URL by June 25, 2022 https://forms.office.com/r/E5bpnqK3mz
  • Announcement of selection result: NU will inform our partner universities of the result by mid-July.

◆More details, please read the attached information.