Win the prize of a total up to IDR 13,000,000! Proto-A-Thon International Prototype Design Competition

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BINUS University,Perkumpulan Interaksi Digital Indonesia (PIDI) and INDONESIA ACM SIGCHI CHAPTER collaborate on "Proto-A-Thon" International Prototype Design Competition, themed on Sociopreneur. (pls bold the "Proto-A-Thon etc and bold&italic for Sociopreneur)

Create a team of 3 fellow students, with the expectation that each team will bring their craziest ideas to work on the prototype design and experience 10 hours virtual live prototyping. At the Semi-final round, designing a website from real case social entrepreneur organization in Indonesia! Get immersed in this competition, free for all and a chance to win the prize of a total up to IDR 13,000,000! The registration will end on Jan 30, 2021.

Please find below the e-flyer to the program, you are also welcomed to check the website www.sis.binus.ac.id/bitprotoathon for more detailed information and contact email : bitprotoathon@gmail.com for any inquiries.


印尼BINUS大學 與Perkumpulan Interaksi Digital Indonesia(PIDI)和INDONESIA ACM SIGCHI Chapter合作舉辦主題為“ Sociopreneur ”國際Prototype原型設計競賽。


相關資訊可參閱附件及官方網站: www.sis.binus.ac.id/bitprotoathon

若有相關問題請逕洽該校: bitprotoathon@gmail.com



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