[COVID-19 Updates] Announcement for NKNU overseas students who have been authorized to enter Taiwan [防疫]境外生入台公告

Notice staff:網站管理者|Post Date:2020/8/3


For the students who are allowed to enter Taiwan, please review the important notices as follows before you depart to Taiwan:


1. 備妥下列證件


  1. 境外生入境許可證明。
  2. 有效護照。
  3. 簽證或居留證或「臺灣地區入出境許可證」。(109學年度獲錄取學位新生,請先攜學校核發之錄取或入學通知,就近向駐外館處申辦簽證或入出境許可證。)

1. Get ready the following documents (and make sure they are valid) and present at check-in counter in airport and through immigration when you arrived:

  1. Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate from NKNU
  2. Passport (Your passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months).
  3. VISA / R.O.C. Taiwan Resident Certificate / Exit& Entry Permit Taiwan Republic of China ( For freshman/new graduate student, please apply from Taiwan Embassies or representative office in your country with your Admission Offer from NKNU).



  1. 點選網址:https://hdhq.mohw.gov.tw/ 
  2. 依序輸入各項欄位資料,完成線上申報。

2. Complete “Quarantine System for Entry” before you board the plane to Taiwan. The steps are as follows:

  1. Enter the website: https://hdhq.mohw.gov.tw/
  2. Fill in all the information to complete the online declaration.



  1. 下機時,於繳交檢疫通知書地點,以手機出示健康憑證畫面供核對。
  2. 下機時請立即電話與學校人員聯繫,告知已抵臺。
  3. 入境查驗,並接受機場檢疫人員測量體溫確認無發燒或相關症狀。

3.Upon arrival in Taiwan, restart your mobile phone, the health declaration certificate will be sent to your phone by SMS.

  1. When disembarking, present the screen with “health declaration certificate” on the mobile phone for verification at the spot where to submit the quarantine notice.
  2. When you get off the plane, please contact NKNU staff immediately to inform about your arrival.
  3. Immigration Clearance and document check, and get measurement of body temperature and health inspection .



4.After clearing arrival immigration , you should immediately report to the service counter located in the pick-up hall, and take the disease prevention taxi to the epidemic prevention hotel arranged by NKNU.


注意事項 Precautions:

  • 務必依所填報入境日期及入境航班開票來臺,如因不可抗力因素(如:颱風、航班取消、航班併班等) 變更入境日期及航班,應敘明原因,立即通知學校,以利學校重新核發入境許可證明。
  • The date of arriving in Taiwan and your inbound flight details must tally with what you have subscribed. If there is any change occurred, for instance, a delay, cancellation or any other factor with force majeure affects your flight plans, the student shall state the reason clearly and inform NKNU instantly for Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate reissuing procedure.
  • 請準備個人防疫物品如:口罩(最起碼準備防疫期間14天的量)
  • Please take all of your personal anti-epidemic items or belongings with you, for instance, face masks, for no less than a minimum usage of 14-day-quarantine.
  • 請攜帶足夠新台幣現金以支付14天防疫隔離開銷(如:旅館費用、計程車費、電信費用如sim卡等)
  • Please carry sufficient amount to cover all expenses for 14-day-quarantine (transportation、telecommunication service such as SIM card, accommodation fees for 14 days in epidemic prevention hotel, etc.) in cash with you.


聯絡我們 More inquiries please contact us:


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